Taurida National V.I.Vernadsky University

Film "Taurida University in the Year of Jubilee".
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College of TNU

Congratulations to Valery Soloviev with a victory!
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The Faculty of Chemistry

The most significant events at the Faculty of Chemistry in 2011

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Center of Correction
of Human Functional State

Dear colleagues!
We are glad to inform you about opening of DENTAL OFFICE and new NEW-YEAR PROGRAMS at the Center of Correction of Human Functional State at TNU

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Dental Office

New-year programs

The Faculty of Biology

On the 1st of December, World AIDS Day is observed, established by the World Health Organization in 1988.

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The Faculty of Law


The team of the Faculty of Law is a semifinalist of a Competition on classic judicial debates on the land and civil law

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Management of Entrepreneurship Department

New speciality on training direction 6.140101 “Hotel and catering trade” has been opened, branch of knowledge 1401 “Services sector”

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Faculty of Physics

Information for Entrants to the Faculty of Physics

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Faculty of Chemistry

Devoted to the International Year of Chemistry...
Report №1

Report №2

Report №3

Faculty of Physics

Meeting of University leavers of the Faculty of Physics of 1986 will take place on July, 23 at 15.00 (assembly place - before the Building A of TNU.


Informational seminar devoted to opening of the 5th competition of requests for the program TEMPUS IV took place in the conference hall of building. B of TNU on November, 30, 2011
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XII Congress of the Eurasian Association of Universities

On November, 18, 2011, the XII Congress of the Eurasian Association of Universities devoted to the 300th anniversary of М. V. Lomonosov took place in Moscow in the Intellectual Center - Fundamental Library of Moscow Lomonosov State University.

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Round Table

On November, 30, 2011 at 11 o'clock in the Informational Center of European Union of TNU (reading-room of scientific library, building "B"), round table took place devoted to the discussion of results of sociological research "European Identity of the Crimean Cities as Viewed by Youth".

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Positions of TNU in the Rating of Higher Schools of Ukraine

TNU occupies 39th place among the 200 best higher schools of Ukraine in the rating of UNESCO "TOP-200 Ukraine", and 14th place in the rating of higher schools of Ukraine, made according to data of Scopus data base, evidently leaving behind other higher schools of Crimea.More in Russian

To the Attention of University Entrants!

Curriculum of entry examinations for day-time tuitionMore in Russian

Regional Consultative Office for University Entrants! Room 251 building A

Office hours: Monday-Friday: 9.00-16.30
Saturday: 9.00-12.00
telephone: +38(0652) 63-75-79

Meeting with Rector

"About the results of conference call with the Minister for Education, Science, Young People and Sports of Ukraine Dmytro Tabachnyk" - meeting of Rector of TNU with journalists of Crimean Mass-Media and deans of the faculties of TNU.